Informational Links

All about Dinosaurs  
Dinosaur book, Cyberhunt, Tour and online games
Curse of T-Rex 
includes information about the plants and other animals that existed during the time of the dinosaurs, as well as a teacher guide for use with the program.
Dino Dictionary 
 profiles of over 300 known dinosaurs, immerse yourself in a wealth of knowledge about the giants that roamed the earth so long ago!
Dino Inquiry 
explore a variety of dinosaur fossil bones from the Dinosaur National Monument quarry
is the place to look for that hard-to-find dino. This is an extensive database of dinosaur species with a few pictures  
leads students through an exploration of dinosaurs using a printable scavenger hunt with online information.
Dinosaur Alphabet Book 
A - Z dinosaur info
Dinosaur Cartoons 
cartoons about dinosaurs
Dinosaur Date Files
consist of data cards with information about many dinosaurs.
 Dinosaur Eggs
 presents the hunt for dinosaur eggs and what we can learn from them. It includes a section on dinosaur mothers and babies and a museum of virtual reality dinosaur embryos and hatchlings.
Dinosaurs - Facts and Fiction
 from the U.S. Geological Survey provides simple answers to questions such as "What did dinosaurs eat?" and "Why did the dinosaurs die out?"
Dinosaur Field Museum
from the Field Museum of Natural History's Life Over Time exhibit presents a tour of their dinosaur exhibit, featuring information about several dinosaurs from the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods
Dinosaur Floor 
includes geologic timelines and illustrations with dinosaur information
Dinosaur Galleries
dinosaur pictures 
Dinosaur Hall
 features photographs of several dinosaur skeletons and dioramas from the Smithsonian Institution's Dinosaur Hall.
Dinosaur Hall of Fame 
 information about dinosaurs from FactMonster
Dinosaur Illustrations
 is a guide to finding pictures of many dinosaurs on other Web sites.
The Dinosaur Interplanetary Gazette
all about dinosaurs
Dinosaur News
 latest dinosaur news, dinosaur games, and dinolinks 
 extensive online information, including the fossil record and life history and ecology of dinosaurs, and special exhibits
Dinosauria On-Line
 web links
dino facts, vocabulary, poetry, pictures, fossils and dictionary
Dinosaurs: Ancient Fossils, New Discoveries
from the American Museum of Natural History
dino facts, vocabulary, poetry, pictures, fossils and dictionary
Dinosaurs: Ancient Fossils, New Discoveries
from the American Museum of Natural History
Dinosaurs and Descendants
 information on its fossils of Tyrannosaurus, Barosaurus, dinosaur embryos and more
Dinosaurs in Hawaii
dinosaur exhibits in Hawaii
Dinosaur images
 web links
Dino Viewer
 interactive from Dinosaur Planet
Going, Going, Gone 
 presents the story of the legal battles over the Tyrannosaurus rex fossil named Sue
Meet the Dinosaurs
reports by 1st graders includes lesson plans and links to web pages  
PBS Curse of T. Rex
Explore the colorful cast of animals and plants that lived alongside the dinosaurs
Site of Historic 1858 Dinosaur Find
information about the 1st dinosaur fossil found  
Sue at The Field Museum - the largest most complete T-Rex  
Walking With Dinosaurs  site includes lots of features such as video clips, games, and 3D dinosaurs
Walking With Prehistoric Beasts information, activities and games
When Dinosaurs Roamed the Earth
 an interactive map that lets users click on an area of the U.S. and then on a time period to see realistic pictures of dinosaurs and their environments
Wyoming Dinosaur Center  
Web site includes a "research library" with information about fossils, geologic time, and the excavation and preparation of dinosaur remains.
Zoom Dinosaur
 resource written for children. It includes information sheets on 78 dinosaurs and simple printouts that can be used for coloring or other activities.

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